Over a period of 55 years, MOTIGANZ has grown from a diamond manufacturer into a one stop shop for a wide variety of goods, including exclusive branded jewelry, made to enchant customers’ hearts. To do so, MOTIGANZ became active in all stages of the diamond industry, from rough diamond sourcing to the delivery of high-end jewelry to retail establishments, through polishing, manufacturing, dealing, designing and marketing.

Over the years MOTIGANZ established the biggest diamond factory in Africa that located in Botswana

Moti Ganz played important roles in the Israeli and global diamond industry

President of the Israel Manufacturers Association, Chairman of the Israel Diamond Institute and President of the World Manufacturers Association

At MOTIGANZ Diamond Group we settle on nothing less than the total satisfaction of our clients. We regularly work with our clients to meet consumer needs and to guarantee our mutual long-term success. We provide our customers with wide range of services: consistent supply matched with client’s strict parameters, management and stock balancing for clients delivery schedules, jewelry designs and styling, guarantee for special orders