1960 Menachem Ganz established a diamond polishing plant in Israel

1982 Mr. Moti Ganz joined the company and forms MOTIGANZ.

1989 MOTIGANZ won the Israeli "Excellent Exporter of the Year" award

1991 MOTIGANZ became a Sightholder

1998 MOTIGANZ launched a partnership with the Japanese company Kuwayama
for producing, branding and marketing the Elara™ brand

1999 MOTIGANZ opened 2nd ofUice in New York for Elara™

2004 Mr. Moti Ganz elected President of Israel Diamond Manufactures

2005 Elara launched in Jared Stores, a high-end national chain

2005 MOTIGANZ opens the Botswana factory and starts training

2006 The opening of the 1st MOTIGANZ store in China

2006 Mr. Moti Ganz is elected president of the Israeli Diamond Institute

2008 Mr. Moti Ganz is elected president of the World Diamond Manufacturers

2010 Launch of the Uirst Botswana Brand Pilot in the US

2011 Becomes the largest supplier to Macys in the USA - 100k pieces per year

2011 Mr. Moti Ganz arranges the 1st ever Diamond BeniUication conference in
Botswana - Pitso

2013 Opens “Forms” high end showroom in Hong Kong