Bringing Brilliance to Botswana

As of April, 2007, MOTIGANZ commenced diamond manufacturing operations in Botswana– a demonstration of the Group’s undertaking to develop Botswana’s polishing industry and firm commitment towards sustainable local benefaction. Our state-of-the-art factory, specializing in Cubes – Botswana’s unique gem product, spans an area of over 1,500 square meters, operating the most advanced computer systems, equipment and technologies, powered by highly trained staff. The new operation also offers a significant opportunity for Botswana’s growth. MOTIGANZ believes its investment will reach beyond the factory itself, its training of the hundreds of local workers in a multitude of diamond related skills and subsequent employment in the factory, to contribute to the advancement of Botswana and its people. One example of this is the sponsoring of the Miss Botswana 2007 Pageant

Botswana beneficiation – Purity Of Giving

As the exclusive main sponsor of the prestigious Miss Botswana beauty pageant in 2007 and 2008, MOTIGANZ provided financial support to this large-scale community project, and supplied the stunning jewelry that was worn by the 20 beautiful finalists, the two princes, and the eventual beauty queen. The beauty pageant is a popular annual contest that serves to unite diverse and disparate elements of Botswanan society, enabling national participation in some phases of the competition, and bringing the whole of Botswana together in a fun and exciting way. MOTIGANZ felt that the aims and image of the contest merged seamlessly with the company’s own ambitions – to raise the morale of society in general by supporting high-quality entertainment events. The pageant was widely covered by the local press, and MOTIGANZ welcomed both the finalists and representatives of the media to the factory, taking the opportunity to inform the public about the diamond refining process – one of the largest industries in Botswana. MOTIGANZ is also the proud sponsor of the Mochudi Centre Chiefs football club – the current national champions and reigning holders of the league cup, helping to nurture sports, entertainment, and opportunities for young people as the company gives back to the community in ways that are truly valued by the whole of Botswana. MOTIGANZ is a business committed to socially responsible practices, and its management and staff are delighted to be able to contribute to communities around the world, particularly those that have a direct connection to the company. MOTIGANZ is a major employer in Botswana, and is proud to give back so much to its dedicated and welcoming people