At MOTIGANZ Group we believe in being one step ahead of the industry.
We work together with our business partners to create high-quality diamond jewelry brands.
Our passion and imagination provide opportunities for people worldwide to cherish their moments of love.


With us, everything is personal.
We believe in personal attention, personal care and personal service to our business partners and our clients,
ultimately leading to special, personal relationships.


We pride ourselves for being a cut above the rest, having expertise and experience in all the phases of a diamond's life - from the source to the jewel.
Our worldwide reputation for quality, beauty and integrity led MOTIGANZ to be the youngest DTC Sightholder ever, and promoted our business to spread internationally.
We are also a proud recipient of the Israeli "Excellent Exporter of the Year" Award.


We take diamonds seriously, and creatively.
We experiment and innovate, so we can rock your world. Hence, we created the innovation of the Elara brand, even before the introduction of the SoC program.
New concepts, new products and new markets are always on our mind.


Our passion is a relentless commitment to excellence.
We are passionate about our products and about the way we do business.
We cherish the beauty and meaning of diamonds, and we want to share this passion with the entire world.